By working with me you will get…

• A full nutrition assessment
• A personalised nutrition plan
• Access to recipes and Meal Ideas

• Self-care and lifestyle suggestions
• Supplement recommendations as needed
• Worksheets and
goal tracking tools built specifically for your needs.

Throughout my career in Ontario, I have seen many patients navigating restrictive or fad diets only to leave them feeling more confused about nutrition and their wellbeing. That’s when my entire mindset towards nutrition and wellness completely shifted because food is more than just a source of calories. Foods not only provide enjoyment in life, they can also help you heal your body.

That being said, achieving best health looks different for everyone, because there is NO “one-size-fits-all approach to wellness”. When setting goals, I wish to empower you to eat more nutrient-dense, yet pleasurable foods in a way that is accessible and easy.

Setting realistic expectations

I love nothing more than a a cup of java in the morning, a refreshing cocktail in the summer time, or chocolate covered almonds on a busy day! So it wouldn’t feel right if I said you shouldn’t enjoy these things too. You’ve probably heard that a balanced diet is about moderation, however understanding how to live by that can be confusing. I will teach you how to use mindful and intuitive eating to get off the dieting merry-go-round.

As women, our bodies are constantly changing. At Louise Dorsett Nutrition, I take a holistic approach to your health and wellness. I will teach you how to use mindful and intuitive eating to get off the dieting merry-go-round. I can help you with: 

I provide virtual or in-person visits in Kingston, Ontario

1:1 private coaching provides my clients with a holistic and tailored approach to health and wellness. It lays a foundation of nutrient dense, whole foods and lifestyle modifications to help nourish and heal your body. I will educate you with the skills and empower you with the tools to make lasting improvements to your diet and overall well-being.

As an experienced women’s health registered dietitian, I, Louise Dorsett help women enhance their diet & lifestyle to balance their hormones, have healthier menstrual cycles & improve their chances of getting pregnant.

We all set new goals and habits with the best intentions, but too often, they fizzle before we reach the finishing line. I will be your cheerleader and the accountability partner that you need. We will catch up on a regular basis to ensure a results-focused service and I will be available to you for all your burning questions. I recommend at least 3 visits to get you well on your way to managing symptoms of PCOS, endometriosis, and optimize your diet for fertility.

– Consultation provided by a registered dietitian who is a member of the College of Dietitians of Ontario  

– Easy to follow personalised nutrition plan designed to meet your health goals

– A personal cheerleader who motivates and supports you 

Nutrition For Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a whole body disease that affects impacts 1 in 10 women worldwide!

Louise helps clients naturally reduce period and pelvic pain and other debilitating endo-symptoms like

intense bloating (AKA the endo-belly), constipation or diarrhea.

She’ll help you address the root cause of your pain so you can find relief.

Nutrition To Support Fertility

Through fertility nutrition, you can reduce your risk of infertility by 70%!

Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or through IVF, the best time to optimize nutrition

is at least 3 months prior to trying.

This will not only improve your chances of becoming pregnant but also carrying a healthy baby to term.

Nutrition for PCOS

Louise will use a root cause approach to help client manage PCOS symptoms such as sudden weight change,

insulin resistance, hormone imbalance (like testosterone or estrogen imbalance). Using an individualized approach,

she will develop a step-by-step nutrition plan that’s realistic, sustainable and specific to you!

*All Prices include HST

**Sessions to be used within 60-days

Coming Soon:

Signature and/or Group Program

In this program, you will receive step-by-step education and dietary advice on an ongoing basis or with live group coaching. It is open for anyone across Ontario who loves nutrition and wants to get healthy and fit.

Learn exactly how to tackle your symptoms and find relief with the support of liked minded clients and myself. In the signature group live sessions you will receive individualized attention while getting support from a community.

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